What you need to know about due diligence

Written by Grace Karanja This is one of the many processes undergone by a house/property buyer. It is the process of confirming the legal status of a property. Due diligence is made up of the following sub-processes. Verification of title information- when it comes to buying land, land title certificates prove to you that it belongs to them (the seller). Verification of the land titles is essential...

Why Real Estate Investment is the Best in Kenya.

Written By Grace Karanja There are many kinds of businesses in Kenya. So which one is the best kind of investment? Well, it is simple! Real Estate. The reasons are simple. It's easy to own a property in Kenya. When I say property, I mean land and houses. We all work at some point in life. During the work period, we acquire money, but we never think of investing, and when we do, it's never about...

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