Why Real Estate Investment is the Best in Kenya.

Written By Grace Karanja

There are many kinds of businesses in Kenya. So which one is the best kind of investment? Well, it is simple!

Real Estate. The reasons are simple. It’s easy to own a property in Kenya. When I say property, I mean land and houses. We all work at some point in life. During the work period, we acquire money, but we never think of investing, and when we do, it’s never about houses or land. You are missing out big time!

We always see the rich getting richer even during pandemics like COVID-19. I’m sure you wonder why? Well, the answer is real estate. Andrew Carnegie gave everyone the secret to becoming millionaires when he informed us that “Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate.” if you are not going to take his word for it, then let me give you three good reasons why it is the best kind of investment
Buildings last for a lengthy period, which means anyone owning a building kind of property will have a steady income as long as it is occupied and well maintained.

Land acquiring is uncomplicated in Kenya. Do you have an ID and money? Well, what are you waiting for? The good thing about land is, it appreciates as time passes by. Soon, people will be buying land all over- wait, it is already happening. What does this mean? More land, houses will be bought and rented out. Mark Twain did say “Buy land – they aren’t making any more of it.” Make money moves while you can so that in the future, you’ll sit down, look back, and smile.

Kenyan laws about property ownership are lenient to Kenyan citizens. This doesn’t mean that immigrants have been ignored! No, they can also own property.

The above being said, don’t just sit back because as Robert Arnott “In investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable.” so get out of your comfort zone and make the first step today to being rich. If you have no idea where to start, search www.metrocosmo.com and fill a form, tell us what you need, and have us guide you to ‘Eldorado’.

Let us make your dreams and goals come true!

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