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Posted by Metrocosmo on January 2, 2023

When looking for a house, we normally look at several things such as space, proximity to the road, the amenities around, among others. Nonetheless, some factors matter more like SPACE. A spacious home looks better hence, most potential tenants tend to look for a spacious house as no one likes to live in a small congested area. However, it is known that spacious houses tend to be expensive rent-wise and if it’s affordable then it is probably away from the city( your work-place)

Space gives a home; easy movementbeauty, and proper lighting. House and apartments near the city tend to be quite small but convenient for young life starters. With time someone may acquire more things that tend to need space. This is where creativity comes through in designing the house interior for space maximization.

Here are some cheap creative interior space optimization tips that help maximize and create a maximization illusion for your small apartment.

Wall Mounting A TV

This avoids too much living room clutter. Creates space by allowing for floor space by preventing the use for an unnecessary TV cabinet. It’s also safer as there won’t be too many tv wires lying around.

Wall mounting a TV

Use Of A Big Rug 

Using big neutral-colored rugs creates an illusion that the room is bigger as it brightens the room and helps define places. 

Use of Big Rugs

Furniture Type And Arrangement.

Furniture takes up space. In a small apartment or house, you’ll need to have fairly proportional kind of furniture to your house. This way it won’t be congested. Furniture that shows its legs tends to make a room look more spacious as it allows light even to dark spaces.

Use of leg-showing furniture

To have a better understanding on the best furniture to use, check out Modern-space-saving-furniture.

Use Neutral Colors For Paint Or Neutral Wallpapers

Neutral color schemes help feel like a space is open and welcoming as well as articulate the feeling of modernity.

Use of neutral colors

Use Strategic Storage

Strategic storage helps you avoid buying furniture that takes up space. It also makes oversize objects take less space. Examples of strategic storage are; hooks, floating shelves, rods, use of wall space like mounting lamps on the wall. 

Use of strategic space; Floating shelves, Mounted wall lamps

Use Dividers Only If They Aren’t Blocking The Light

They help define places. Some are multifunctional in that they are used either as a bookcase or a flower holders

Overall, the point is to understand your space and arrange your stuff according to your home space availability. Some of the mention points above, just create an illusion of bigger space which I believe is helpful.

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