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Due Diligence & Property Identification

In the real estate sector, due diligence is a vital process for anyone transacting in landed properties. This is because of fraudulent practices that are rather common during property transactions. The process entails the verification of true ownership of the property and its identification on the ground.

In the past, people have not put emphasis on this process, since they believe once they obtain a search certificate, the due diligence process is complete; forgetting that without physically identifying the property on the ground the process is not complete. We have the skills and professional competence to assist our clients in this process.

The process entails but is not limited to obtaining relevant survey maps for identification of the subject property, conducting an official search and obtaining the relevant search certificate, confirming if the subject property had been set aside for public use, obtaining demand notes for rates and rents, submitting the relevant site beacon certificate, signed clearance reports from bodies such as Kenya Power, Kenya Rural Roads Authority, KURA, KeNHA, Kenya Railways etc.

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