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property valuation

Navigating Property Valuation: Unveiling the...

Aug 09, 2023
Introduction Property valuation, the process of determining the monetary value of a real estate property, is both a ...
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Why Live in Nairobi

Mar 04, 2016
Nairobi, as a booming metropolis, has much to offer the rest of the globe. It offers lovely tropical weather that m ...
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Nairobi Apartments

Mar 04, 2016
The East African Research Fund (EARF) has funded research by SDI-Kenya to examine shelter possibilities in Nairobi, ...
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Buying a Home in Nairobi

May 28, 2014
If you’re looking to buy a house in Nairobi, Kenya, you’ve come to the right place. Do you believe you& ...
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Selling Your Home

May 27, 2014
So, you’ve assessed your financial situation, considered your lifestyle, and made the difficult decision to s ...
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